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Introduction To Media Buying -Our introductory multi-media guide on how to understand and navigate the world of online buying media buying.  In my experience, most online marketers don’t yet grasp the fundamentals of both where to buy online media and how to buy it.   Interactive videos allow you to “peek over my shoulder” as I introduce the vast and profitable world of online media buying. The guide goes over the media buying landscape (no Google please) and gives users step by step instructions on how to tackle and win in a variety of different media settings.  We throw in videos and as much as I can fit in to make your media buys a success.

Insiders - Ever wonder who is really making the real money in this space? Our Insiders product is a monthly interview series where I interview online these marketing giants; guys that I more often consider good friends.   These are the “attack dogs” of the online world.  This monthly audio series lets you listen in on recorded candid interviews I’ve done with them.  I know you’ll learn something insanely valuable!

Private Webinar Series: - Our private webinar series is our most popular program going.  Each and every month, spend an hour or two on a private webinar with Scott.  Aside from covering exactly what is going on today in the world of online marketing, each and every month a new topic is covered.  You are bound to learn so much from this informative and extremely valuable series.

Affiliate Marketing University - (Coming Soon) An interactive weekly based course that walks new affiliates step by step how to succeed in the world of online marketing and affiliate marketing.  Taught in a webinar format, this 12 week course covers everything you need to know in order to become a super affiliate.  Students that go through the program successfully are automatically accepted and enrolled in some of the largest CPA Networks out there!

- Affiliate Marketing
- High Volume Media Buying
- Super Affiliates
- Cutting Edge Technology

Super Affiliate Mindset -(Coming Soon) Want to truly understand what makes the difference between people I’ve studied over the last 10 years that are easily pulling in 7 figure yearly checks, and the 95% of affiliates that barely manage to get off the ground?  Well, I believe I can break down the steps that will absolutely transform you as an Affiliate and Media Buyer.

Advanced Series - (Coming Soon) Consider yourself a seasoned marketer and looking to turn up your game?  The Advanced Series is for you.  I’ve had the good fortune of developing systems and techniques that have allowed my teams and I to become amongst the largest Super Affiliates on the planet.  This Advanced series goes into great detail on the finer points of absolutely dominating online marketing.

Private Coaching - On a very limited basis, I do provide private 1 on 1 coaching for a select few individuals.  Space is obviously very limited as I go out of my way to ensure my private clients are successful.

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