About Scott Rewick


Media Mentors is the leading website devoted to coaching and teach of Direct Response Marketing through Online Media Buying. Our goal is to provide relevant strategies, content to online media buyers through professional coaching and consulting.

Scott Rewick is one of the early pioneers of modern Affiliate Marketing and one of the most prolific media buyers over the last decade….

Spending in excess of $120M in online display based advertising over the last twelve years, Scott is one of the true pioneers of direct response marketing, affiliate marketing and high volume online advertising.  Starting in 1999, Scott co-founded one of the earliest Affiliate Networks, Metareward, which ultimately was sold to Experian for $30M. Metareward was an early pioneer in Affiliate Marketing, helping online advertisers such as Citibank, NetFlix and others drive high volume, qualified new customers.  Scott then went on to partner with Ken Chan to co-found NetBlue (now Connexus).  Heading up the online media buying group, Scott routinely spent between $400k-$500k per day buying online display media.  The company eventually achieved revenue of over $120M.  Netblue raised over $20M in Venture Capital from Oak Investment Partners, and more recently merged with affiliate giant Epic Advertising (formerly Azoogle).   From there, Scott and Ken Chan pooled together $5M and co-founded Next Internet, an online business incubator.  Scott was the first President of one of its incubated companies, WebJuice, which did over $60M in its second full year. Scott then went onto found, AdEx Media with Joe Abrams (co-founder of MySpace).  The company raised $8M in venture capital and did  was over $23M in revenue in its first year.

Currently Scott and his partner Drew Kossoff run Cranking Media, a performance based Advertising Agency, focusing on driving high volume online media to select direct response clients.  In addition Scott is a partner in MediaCorns, a leading social media small business company.  Scott speaks all over the world and  selectively works with a handful of coaching clients, where he applies his experience to their businesses.