It happens to me almost every day.  I hear or read the words, “Where can I find cheap traffic”?

When somebody tells me they want “cheap traffic”, I immediately assume they don’t understand media buying, or direct response for that matter (and perhaps many other things pertinent to creating a business).   How many millions of dollars go wasted from well intentioned marketers chasing cheap clicks?

Undoubtedly the better question is…”where can I find converting traffic”?

Surely you’ve heard the term “You Get What You Pay For”.  Cheap traffic is normally just that…garbage traffic.  We’ve seen all the InfoMarketing hype haven’t we?  ”Secret Hidden Source of Traffic For Pennies on the Dollar!”.  The average marketer falls in love with “cheap clicks”, thinking that cheap traffic is the only thing sitting between where they are now and Interweb riches.  The real focus should be on getting ROI based, converting traffic.  End of Debate.

You see, it doesn’t matter whatsoever whether you are paying $.01 per click or $8.00 per click. Honestly, it makes no difference.  The only thing that matters is your ability to generate an ROI on that traffic.  Your ability to convert that click into a customer or a lead/sale for somebody else.   Would you pay $1 per click if it made you $3?  Most people would say yes…however they’d be initially skeptical of that price if they didn’t understand the reward sitting on the other side.

Spend your time looking for converting traffic.  That means…finding traffic that affords you a positive return on your investment.  Don’t get hung up on price.  Trust me, price is NOT the relevant or important element.  I’ve seen companies make millions converting $8 cost per clicks because they understand that the visitor they get (and ultimately that customer) has such huge lifetime value (and ultimately positive returns). I’ve also seen marketers blow through thousands of dollars on penny clicks, and receive nothing in return.

The next time you are attempted by the lure of cheap clicks..think again, and be reminded that its the conversion that matters, and ask yourself, “where can I find the highest ROI based traffic”.



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