Want to become an amazing media buyer, amazing entrepreneur, and all around online bad ass? It starts by putting yourself on a strict information diet. You can’t be a world class online stud while still snacking on junk data. Data that fills up your time and doesn’t deliver you results. Follow these top five simple tips to get yourself in amazing online shape!

1. Cut Out The Time Killers
Cancel your television. Go on, I dare you! Replace television with things like Netflix and Hulu. You’ll find yourself having heaps more time simply by putting down the remote and using non-demand services. Heck, throw in newspapers while you are at it. I haven’t touched either of these outlets in years, and I’m happy to say, i’m no worse the wear.

2. Kill Your Distractions
Your phone going off every 2 minutes with the latest Facebook status update?  Mine used to. If you’ve got anything that lights up your phone at all hours of the night…shut it down. Silence your cell phone, twitter and email. Distractions are like dying with a thousand cuts. It is one of the biggest time wasters. You need time for uninterrupted work to be a true superstar.

3. Measure Your Time

Set up a quota for how much time you’ll allow yourself to spend other than working.  Also, another thing i’ve found incredibly helpful is to chunk up your day into 30-45 minute increments.  This allows you to focus all of your energy with the task at hand.  Also build in short breaks, as this will help you with your concentration.

4. Check Your Ingredients

Be careful what information you consume.  Many of you have moved to organic foods.  Is your information organic?  Point being that so much information is either wrong or bordering on wrong.  Why would you do this to yourself?  Focus your energy on people or news sources that offer some legitimacy.  Avoid may of the so-called Guru’s at all cost.

5. Turn Off Your Computer/Phone

Take a break.  Once you’ve hit your quota of information, shut down your computer and take a break.  Your thoughts will become more clearer and your ideas will just start to flow when you can change your environment.

Remember…this diet takes some time and is not an overnight fix.  Forgive yourself for slipping up and focus on getting back on track.  This is a marathon..not a sprint, and getting into great online shape takes time.

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