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The media landscape is in the midst of a massive transformation. Online content reaches across a universe of devices and platforms, taking on new formats, engaging audiences with interactive capabilities, and providing new opportunities for audience analysis.  Media-Mentors explores the latest trends in online advertising and discusses ways to maximize the performance of your online ad campaigns.

Over the last 12+ years, I’ve been a part of creating nearly a dozen online companies that have done in excess of $100M in revenue.  Some may say that I’ve mastered the art of driving customers through online media buying.  I’ve also (along with a whole team of uber-talented teammates, spent in excess of $100M buying online advertising, which makes me a bit unique.  Over the years I’ve taught an entire army of Affiliate Marketers, Product Owners and many more  how to create successful online businesses and crush it in the world of online media.  Look, i’m NO GURU.  I think that term is heavily overplayed, self aggrandizing, and a bit lame.    I’ve had the good fortune of starting two Affiliate Networks, been a high volume media buyer, a super affiliate and a high volume advertiser.

At Media Mentors, we cover…

1. How to drive unlimited amounts of customers through Media Buying

2. How to increase customer lifetime value.

3. Strategies on how to massively scale your online business.

4. And so much more……

Our goal is to become the only resource to understand and benefit from online media buying.  From the person coming online for the first time, to the seasoned, high volume Super Affiliate.  we need to continually learn in this space, or face being roadkill.  We are the anti-road kill.  We are going to arm you with as much as you need to be successful in this wonderful business.

We created Media-Mentors as a resource people who are serious about growing their business through Direct Response and Online Media Buying.  Do we know it all?  Of course not.  I work with a select group of advertisers and affiliates on a one-on-one basis, and apply my expertise to help them succeed.   I also am building out educational products to help people understand this crazy world of Online Media Buying.  You see…I’ve been teaching people how to become super affiliates, purchase high volume online advertising, and grow their companies now for over a decade.  I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with the best and brightest minds in online media, and can share some of that knowledge with you.  Our goal is to become a great resource for anybody buying online media. From the person coming online for the first time, to the seasoned, high volume Super Affiliate.  we need to continually learn in this space, or face being roadkill.  We are the anti-road kill.  We are going to arm yo with as much as you need to be successful in this wonderful business.

At this time, I’m primarily focused on Consulting and working on my own projects.

Finally (phew), scroll down below to see my latest ramblings.  In the meantime, register for our newsletter and lets get going! Happy Media Buying,

Scott Rewick

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Moving to
March 12th, 2013

What can I say?  Teaching media buying is lots and lots of work.  Not for the reasons you think.  See, here is the thing.  Media Buying itself is as straightforward as you can get.  Not saying it easy, just straightforward.  Here’s the hard thing.  Getting people to work and helping them understand that isn’t easy, and not conquered in a week, or a month.  And certainly not conquered by some lame info product promising riches.  So while I begin the slow wind down of Media-Mentors, I’ll continue my journey over at  Most of my work there centers around Online Business Consulting, and launching new products and ideas.  Hope to see  you there!

Silicon Valley is Amazing
June 23rd, 2012

What motivates me to jump on a plane and travel to new places, sometimes places half way across the world?  I often times ask myself that, more likely when I’m halfway through a 15 hour flight, fighting for arm rest real estate with the guy sitting next to me. What the hell am I doing?

I suppose like many people, part of what I enjoy about travelling so much is seeing something different.  New cultures, new people, new ideas, new ways of doing things.  I seek out places that don’t have a Starbucks on the corner and a McDonalds within driving distance.  I want something local, and I’m truly curious as to how other people live their lives.

As an online media buyer and technology junkie, i’m constantly on the hunt to see how the online media buying revolution is unfolding in different parts of the world.  I study how people from different parts of the world not only consume information, but what tools and services they use to do it.

What I can report back, after travelling thousands of miles to places far away, is the following….Silicon Valley is more amazing than I ever realized..  Yes I take Silicon Valley for granted on a routine basis. I was born here and lived here most of my life.   I take tours of Google and Facebook.  I live in the shadow of Apple and Twitter.   Ah, its all so routine to me.   To my bay area friends, you truly have no idea how good you have it.

Half a world away, sitting in coffee shop in Kuwait, I look around and all I see is the footprints of Silicon Valley.  Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter.  I could rattle off another dozen Silicon Valley companies who’ve made an impact in far away places.  In fact, everywhere I go, the same scene plays out.  From Thailand to Australia, the UK to France.

The proliferation of these amazing companies; products that come from a exceedingly small sliver of the world, Silicon Valley, are everywhere. I mean everywhere.  In the sands of Kuwait, to the alleys of Bangkok.  From pubs in the UK to country roads in France.  People on their Iphones, doing a status update on their Facebook page, and tweeting something a moment later.  Using Google to search through an IPad.  We are so much connected than we even realize.  And the glue that is connecting all of us, all over the world, comes from companies within a 60 mile radius in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Perhaps it took me getting out of Silicon Valley, a place that I call home, to truly realize how amazing this place really is.  Those of us that live here don’t really think about how the rest of the world uses our “stuff”.  I’m left with the feeling that we are more connected as people than ever before, and I submit to you that these amazing companies, companies in my backyard, are helping connect us more than ever before.  Silicon Valley is amazing.



Statistics That Make Any Direct Marketer Cheer
June 23rd, 2012

This kind of data reminds me of why i’m in this business.  So many ways to communicate with potential new customers.  New sources of online media and interesting ways people are interacting.  Sitting here working in a coffee shop in Kuwait, I’m reminded at how connected we all really are.  No longer bound by geography, we are more connected than we even know it.

Cheap Traffic is just that….Cheap
June 5th, 2012

It happens to me almost every day.  I hear or read the words, “Where can I find cheap traffic”?

When somebody tells me they want “cheap traffic”, I immediately assume they don’t understand media buying, or direct response for that matter (and perhaps many other things pertinent to creating a business).   How many millions of dollars go wasted from well intentioned marketers chasing cheap clicks?

Undoubtedly the better question is…”where can I find converting traffic”?

Surely you’ve heard the term “You Get What You Pay For”.  Cheap traffic is normally just that…garbage traffic.  We’ve seen all the InfoMarketing hype haven’t we?  ”Secret Hidden Source of Traffic For Pennies on the Dollar!”.  The average marketer falls in love with “cheap clicks”, thinking that cheap traffic is the only thing sitting between where they are now and Interweb riches.  The real focus should be on getting ROI based, converting traffic.  End of Debate.

You see, it doesn’t matter whatsoever whether you are paying $.01 per click or $8.00 per click. Honestly, it makes no difference.  The only thing that matters is your ability to generate an ROI on that traffic.  Your ability to convert that click into a customer or a lead/sale for somebody else.   Would you pay $1 per click if it made you $3?  Most people would say yes…however they’d be initially skeptical of that price if they didn’t understand the reward sitting on the other side.

Spend your time looking for converting traffic.  That means…finding traffic that affords you a positive return on your investment.  Don’t get hung up on price.  Trust me, price is NOT the relevant or important element.  I’ve seen companies make millions converting $8 cost per clicks because they understand that the visitor they get (and ultimately that customer) has such huge lifetime value (and ultimately positive returns). I’ve also seen marketers blow through thousands of dollars on penny clicks, and receive nothing in return.

The next time you are attempted by the lure of cheap clicks..think again, and be reminded that its the conversion that matters, and ask yourself, “where can I find the highest ROI based traffic”.



Get On An Information Diet ASAP!
April 24th, 2012

Want to become an amazing media buyer, amazing entrepreneur, and all around online bad ass? It starts by putting yourself on a strict information diet. You can’t be a world class online stud while still snacking on junk data. Data that fills up your time and doesn’t deliver you results. Follow these top five simple tips to get yourself in amazing online shape!

1. Cut Out The Time Killers
Cancel your television. Go on, I dare you! Replace television with things like Netflix and Hulu. You’ll find yourself having heaps more time simply by putting down the remote and using non-demand services. Heck, throw in newspapers while you are at it. I haven’t touched either of these outlets in years, and I’m happy to say, i’m no worse the wear.

2. Kill Your Distractions
Your phone going off every 2 minutes with the latest Facebook status update?  Mine used to. If you’ve got anything that lights up your phone at all hours of the night…shut it down. Silence your cell phone, twitter and email. Distractions are like dying with a thousand cuts. It is one of the biggest time wasters. You need time for uninterrupted work to be a true superstar.

3. Measure Your Time

Set up a quota for how much time you’ll allow yourself to spend other than working.  Also, another thing i’ve found incredibly helpful is to chunk up your day into 30-45 minute increments.  This allows you to focus all of your energy with the task at hand.  Also build in short breaks, as this will help you with your concentration.

4. Check Your Ingredients

Be careful what information you consume.  Many of you have moved to organic foods.  Is your information organic?  Point being that so much information is either wrong or bordering on wrong.  Why would you do this to yourself?  Focus your energy on people or news sources that offer some legitimacy.  Avoid may of the so-called Guru’s at all cost.

5. Turn Off Your Computer/Phone

Take a break.  Once you’ve hit your quota of information, shut down your computer and take a break.  Your thoughts will become more clearer and your ideas will just start to flow when you can change your environment.

Remember…this diet takes some time and is not an overnight fix.  Forgive yourself for slipping up and focus on getting back on track.  This is a marathon..not a sprint, and getting into great online shape takes time.

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